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Real life escape room game is a kind of logical game in a real world in which people are locked in a room with their friends and have to escape within a set limit of time. To achieve that they need to find hidden clues, use objects in a room to solve number of puzzles and finally escape room. The game has been created basing on popular computer “Escape room” games and moved to real life.

  • Goal: Escape room
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Number of players: 2-5 persons
  • Requirements: Creativity | Cooperation | Cleverness

6 escape rooms in Warsaw!

In a heart of the Warsaw Old Town you can find three unique escape rooms: The Chamber of Crime, Hermit’s Curse and the third soon – The Crypt! The proximity of other Warsaw Old Town attractions, monuments, restaurants and pubs makes this place a great point for your travel itinerary.

If you are looking for high-tech escape rooms with many surprising solutions you need to visit our three other escape rooms in Warsaw City Center. You can choose from three different adventures: Detective agency, Casino II and a little bit more difficult one – Mission: Impossible II.

Escape Room I Komnata Zbrodni

Escape Room I
The Chamber of Crime


Escape Room II
Hermit’s Curse

escape room - krypta

Escape Room III
The Crypt (soon)

escape room - agencja detektywistyczna

Escape Room IV
Detective agency

Escape Room V
Casino II

Escape Room VI
Mission: Impossible II

Real life escape room game in Warsaw – Great form of entertainment for YOU

escape game warszawa

Escape Game Warszawa (Old Town & City Center)

Escape Game Warszawa Old Town

Escape Game Warszawa Old Town – Insight

Best choice of escape rooms in Warsaw

Choose one of our six escape rooms in Warsaw. Big choice let you to choose your favourite scenario and take part in an unforgettable adventure together with friends. There are three escape rooms located in Warsaw Old Town (Podwale street 9/85) and three located in City Center (Solidarności street 117, app. 210C).

Are you not sure if escape room is for you?
  • Are you looking for an entertainment and fun in Warsaw?
  • Have you got 60 minutes of spare time?
  • Are you travelling in a group from 2-5 persons?
  • Have you got fresh mind ready for challenges?
  • Do you like creative and interesting way of spending free time?

If yes.. then escape rooms are perfect choice for you!

Fall in love with escape rooms

escape room love

Escape Game Warszawa is a perfect place for all adventure seekers and real life escape room games passionates. Escape Game Warszawa is bringing you alive stories taken out from the old books and magical world of the greatest movies all together. We wish to invite you for a trip to a magical world of puzzles, riddles and untold stories. You may become adventurer, detective or get into a criminal riddle. You may become an actor and a director of your own script. Be creative, observant and cooperate with your friends to solve all the riddles to escape the room.

Escape rooms are available in both polish and english versions. The game does not require language skills – it is fully adapted to foreigners. You can take part in escape room game in a group of 2 to 5 persons. If there are more of you then you can split yourself and try couple of escape games at the same time. There are 60 minutes to escape room. Reservations can be made online through the booking form on the website or by phone.

Real life escape room game is extremely popular around the world. Among thousands of people who played escape room games in real life, most of them get back to try their skills in another room. Get locked in one of the rooms and challange the quest that we have prepared for you..

Discover our escape rooms – fall in love with our escape rooms!

Pokój Zagadek Komnata Zbrodni. gra escape room w Warszawie

Escape room 1: The Chamber of Crime

Getting back home through Old Town suddenly you feel like something hard hits your head. You slowly lose your consciousness sinking down on your knees.. With a radiating pain in your head you wake up in a dark, rusty room. Staring around it comes to your mind that you have been kidnapped and locked here. It appears you’re not the only one.. Will you manage to escape? Or maybe you’ll be the next lost victim that they will be writing about in newspapers?

Would you like to know how story behind the locked doors of the Chamber of Crime goes on? We will reveal you a bit of that chapter but the end of the story you’ll experience by yourself. Become and actor and a director of your own script.

Escape room 2: The Hermit’s Curse

You’re going on a Holiday to an exotic Africa. However your plane unexpectedly experiences a breakdown and has to land somewhere in the middle of wilderness. The equipment is completely unusable so you decide to get going in search of rescue. After a long walk through desert you reach a small oasis in the midst of which there is a primitive wooden hut. With a hope for rescue you quickly run into a hut but as you only entered the hut, the door locks down with a rumble. You got stuck in a hideout of an old hermit who as you can see does not like unwelcomed guests. Fortunately the host is not at home but the notes you manage to read says that the hut is cursed. Everyone who remain in after 60 minutes will be chained to that place forever..

Escape room in Warsaw - Hermit's Curse

And much more! Check all our escape rooms in Warsaw

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